Candy Creatures

Development of a Mini Mobile Game

A screen recording of the gameplay of the two levels of Candy Creatures

  • Work Type: Professional
  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Categories: Games Development

The Brief

One month after my first job as a software developer my boss gave me and a colleague, who was a graphics artist, an assignment with a two weeks deadline. Our task was to come up with a concept and develop a two level mobile game. In the first level an enemy will be chasing the player and the player has to throw something at the enemy to get away. The second level will be a runner game in which the player will try to get to the end of the level and avoid contact with all the enemies that come at it.

Game Development

After a few brainstorming sessions my colleague and I decided to take inspiration from the Brothers Grimm's Hansel and Gretel tale and design a world in which candies come to life and chase after a brother and sister pair. My colleague designed all the game assets and graphics. I coded the game levels and UI screens. The technologies used for the development were: X-Code, C++ and Cocos2d-X game library.

Screen recording of the gameplay is given at the top of the page.