Clothes Simulation for Virtual Clothing

A Computer Graphics Project

Simulation of a Long Dress

  • Work Type: Undergraduate Senior Project
  • Duration: 9 Months
  • Categories: Computer Graphics

About the Project

I worked on ‘Clothes Simulation for Virtual Clothing’ as an individual Computer Graphics course project. It is created in Visual Studio 2010 with C++ and OpenGL library.

Project Development

For creating the cloth simulation, mass-spring model for cloth simulation was used to create a triangular mesh. Shear and bend springs were used to simulate the wefts and warp of woven cloth. Multiple forces act on each particle such as shear, stretch and bend energies of spring; frictional forces; wind; gravitational force and other damping forces. For each frame, implicit integration was used to calculate final positions and velocities of particles from the resultant of these forces acting on the particles.

Basic cloth simulation for this project was downloaded from:, Paul Baker. I extended the simulation to include stitching constraints which turned pieces of the simulated cloth into a shirt and skirt. I created a human body out of ellipsoids and introduced collision checks between cloth and ellipsoid as well as cloth to cloth self-collisions.

Simulation of a skirt and shirt:

Simulation of a skirt and shirt side-view:

Simulation on a larger body size:

Simulation of a long dress: