It's Raining Fish

A Browser-based Game

An Openprocessing Sketch of 'It's Raining Fish' a browser-based game

  • Work Type: Creative Coding Course Assignment
  • Duration: 1 Week
  • Categories: Games Development

About the Game

'It’s raining fish' is a browser-based, keyboard-controlled game. The objective of the game is to collect as many green fish as possible and avoid or shoot the blue fish. Spacebar is used for shooting a fish and arrow keys for moving the boat. As a blue fish is shot two new ones are created in its place with slightly smaller sizes and this happens twice until the smallest fish is shot. Collecting a green fish gives you one point but shooting a green fish deducts one point.

This game was developed using p5.js and the p5.Play and p5.Sound libraries. Sound library enabled the addition of retro sound effects which make the game more pleasing.

The game code is available on Openprocessing: Link to Openprocessing sketch.