Haunted Hallway: The Conclusion

A Halloween Themed Browser-based Game

An Openprocessing Sketch of 'Haunted Hallway: The Conclusion' a browser-based game

  • Work Type: Creative Coding Course Project
  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Categories: Games Development

About the Game

'Haunted Hallway: The conclusion' is a Halloween themed browser-based game. The objective of the game is to avoid ghosts as the player makes her way across a dark haunted hallway. The player movement is restricted in the vertical direction and is controlled by the movement of the mouse. The game is over if the player collides with a ghost.

I was inspired by the Halloween decorations that many houses including my apartment building have put up for Halloween season. The design for my main player is inspired by Ms. Pacman. All characters in this game have been created through code.

The game duration is set to 60 seconds and if a player manages to avoid ghosts for this duration the game win scene is displayed in which, the ghosts disappear and some winning text comes up on the screen. There is also a surprise for the players in the end.The game can be restarted by pressing any key.

The game was coded using p5.js which is a javascript library for creative coding.

The game code is available on Openprocessing: Link to Openprocessing sketch.