An Interactive 3D Holographic Projection of Outer-space

A video of the demo of the Holo-verse project at my Interaction Design Final Class

  • Work Type: Interaction Design Course - Group Project
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Categories: Interaction DesignUser Experience DesignProcess

The Brief

Design an interactive experience for Kids which integrates technology with design. Project will be pitched to the organizers of Brooklyn Academy of Music's (BAM) kids' film festival 2019.

About the Project

Holo-verse is an interactive 3D holographic projection of outer-space that responds to music and changes with a person’s hand gestures.

Project Development

The visuals are developed in p5.js and WebGL. Hand gesture interaction is added using leapmotion.js library.

The amplitude of the music controls the radius of rings around the central planet. While movement of a user’s hand above leap motion sensor is used to rotate a tiny satellite around the central planet. The stars are generated through a particle system and move autonomously.

The holographic projection is inspired by Pepper’s ghost illusion. To give the illusion of a 3D hologram the visuals are rotated 90 degrees and replicated four times on a screen. A thin clear plastic is used to make a pyramid which is placed in the middle of the 4 visuals. As the visuals on the screen reflect off all four sides of the pyramid a 3D hologram of the screen visuals can be viewed in the middle of the pyramid.

Below is a video of a group member demonstrating the project during our final class

Below is an image of the project set-up during the final class demonstration. Leap Motion, photographed here, was used to detect hand movements.

Presentation at BAM's Kids' Film Festival 2019

The project was selected for demonstration at BAM's Annual Kids' Film Festival held in February 2019. This was a two-day festival. Our project was appreciated by adults and kids alike.

We modified the interactions of the project for the festival. In addition to moving the small satellite around using horizontal movements of the hand, users can scale the model up and down using the vertical movements of their hands.

Below are some images and videos of the project at the festival.